Naomi Osaka has become a powerhouse on and off the court as an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. From her work with Nike’s Play Academy supporting young girls sports to refurbishing tennis courts in Queens with BODYARMOR LYTE to her latest collection with Levi’s and investment in Sweetgreen, Osaka has used her influence positively to partner with brands and non-profits. Osaka explained that when it comes to partnering with any brand she firstly looks at whether the company values align with her own. “Secondly, I see if I can be involved in the creative and/or design process and I organically have to use or strongly believe in the product. Then finally I like to meet the people in charge and vibe with them. So only after passing those four steps would I even entertain further discussions. I realize I am in a privileged position to be able to make strategic decisions like that and I am very grateful.”

While Osaka mentioned she might be temporarily stepping away from the tennis court, her latest venture KINLÒ is a functional skincare solution for melanated skin and underserved communities. She stated that while tennis can be challenging at times, she is very thankful for the platform it gives her and the ability to work on projects that matter to her like KINLÒ. Read More