When searching for the perfect costume to wear during her 2022 Winter Olympics free skate routine, figure skater Karen Chen didn’t have to look too far.

The newly-appointed Olympic silver medalist revealed in a video for Team USA’s Instagram account that her mom, Hsiu-Hui Tseng, is actually the designer behind the look. The purple free skate dress features bell sleeves, a fluted mini skirt, and a deep-V illusion neckline all heavily embellished with rhinestone flowers and butterflies. She explained, “I’m wearing my figure skating dress that my mom actually made for me. She probably does 90 percent of the work and I do like 10 percent and by 10 percent I just tell her like, ‘Oh, that looks good.’ or ‘That doesn’t look good.’” Chen added, “She does all the hard work and she puts like blood, sweat, and tears into it.” Read More