Donnie and Jamie Solesbee had no intention of getting their soon-to-be-daughter Autumn into golf. She was a 7-year-old in the foster care system, and the Solesbees were a couple on a journey to adopt. They met and fell in love with the young girl, unaware the game was about to become a big part of their life as a new family.

Yet there they all were, at Topgolf in Greenville, S.C., in November 2019. The Solesbees were introducing Autumn to Donnie’s father. In looking for a place where everyone could have fun and get to know each other, they landed at the golf entertainment venue. Jamie didn’t play, but Donnie and his father were golfers, and they figured it was a lively spot with music and food so even if Autumn didn’t like the golf aspect, everyone would still have a good time. Read More