When it comes to gymnastics, the judges at the Olympics score on more than just gravity-defying flips and sticks. In order to get the gold, judges look at every little detail — down to the gymnasts’ nails and the way they wear their hair.

Every sport in the Olympics has its own set of beauty rules and regulations that the athletes must adhere to, some being more strict than others. These rules are set forth ahead of the competition by various associations and organizations. Everything from piercings to makeup to manicures is considered, and if any of the rules are broken, competitors could risk losing valuable points that could ultimately cost them big.

In gymnastics, the National Women’s Program Committee has specific regulations on hair and jewelry. According to the USA Gymnastics Women’s Program: 2020-2021 Rules and Policies, hair is to be “secured away from the face so as to not obscure her vision of the apparatus.” Hence why you’ll see your fair share of buns and ponytails on the beam. Read More